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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My practice is gone, now what?

A: Even though the sale or purchase of a practice is a business transaction, there is more involved than just money. When an optometrist sells his or her practice, the practice is gone. When an optometrist purchases a practice, they are purchasing a new way of life, a new future, as well as a business. It requires extensive preparation for each optometrist to prepare for a transition and to determine how and when advisors should be retained.

Q: Who can help me through this?

A: Professional advisors to be considered include: a practice broker, an accountant, an attorney, a practice appraiser, and in some cases a practice management consultant.

Q: What do these professionals do for me?

A: The practice broker will prepare a marketing program. This program is responsible for preparing advertisements, finding and screening possible buyers, and assist with negotiation. The accountant is important when arranging for an equitable transfer and to answer tax related questions. The attorney is necessary in drafting a written agreement as the negotiator. The practice management consultant is important because of their knowledge of the optometry industry.

Q: Who should I call?

 A: Chicago Optometry Broker has the experience and knowledge necessary for a successful transition. We offer accounting services, optometry practice management services, optometry practice appraisals, optometry brokerage services, and optometry marketing services.

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